Office Pods

The Benefits Of Office Pods For Home Working

Office Pods

Have you been stuck working at home since the start of the pandemic, or does your job allow you for flexibility in your working environment?

Our home is often wrought with distractions, such as children, pets and troublesome electronics, so finding a dedicated area to support a conducive workspace can be hard. That’s why you should consider investing in one of our outdoor office pods!

Designed for peak productivity, you’ll have all the utilities you need to cultivate a unique and creative space, free from distractions. To discover why an office pod is worthwhile investment for you and your family, keep reading.

Peaceful Work Environment

A personalised, dedicated work space will do wonders for your productivity. You’ll be free from distractions at home as well as the office, giving you time to prioritise your workload without scrutiny and pressure. Our pods are built with utility and function in mind, so you’ll have heat, lighting and access to the internet. Once you’re set up with a kettle and your favourite mug, you’ll have no reason to duck back inside and disrupt your flow. It doesn’t get much more efficient than that!

Office Pods
Office Pods

Working From Home Perks

Did you know that many businesses have lauded the benefits of home working, and how it has improved work-ethic within select companies? According to a survey conducted by LSE Business Review, remote working has increased engagement by 75% and organisational commitment by 68%, which are massive boosts to productivity and overall company satisfaction. If you’ve been on the fence about home working, the statistics of the perks speak for themselves. You might as well do it in style with one of our bespoke office pods. That way, you have all the advantages of a professional working environment without leaving the comfort of your own garden. When you leave your pod for the evening, you can leave your work troubles behind — your home won’t be tainted by aggravating workplace stressors. It’ll also cut your commute (or shorten it, depending on the size of your garden), giving you more time to unwind in the evenings.

Affordable, Long-Term Investment

As well as the more obvious benefits, our office pods are an affordable and long-term investment. While it may seem superficial to have an office pod in your garden, it can fulfill a variety of purposes outside work. Once it has outlived its usefulness as an office, it can be converted into a summerhouse or glamping pod for evenings and weekends. They are highly versatile, stylish and fully equipped with important utilities. You’re just not investing in an office pod, but an outdoor space that has no limit to how it can be used. That means it doesn’t have to be a pod just for you — your family can enjoy it, too!

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