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The Beauty Of Owning A Garden Pod During Summer

Garden Pod

Summer is right around the corner. What better time to invest in a garden pod to capitalise on that sunshine?

There’s a multitude of benefits associated with owning a garden pod, especially if you have the space for one. To discover more about our bespoke, premium-grade pods and why you need one this summer, keep reading.

Garden Pod Turned Summer House

A garden pod provides all the utility you need to make the most out of the summer months. Our pods can be used for barbeques or impromptu garden parties with friends, with shelter from the heat whilst enjoying the sun. To make the most out of the longer days, our pods are fully customisable. We can add additional windows to your pod to increase light flow or a bi-folding door to allow a seamless bridging between your pod and garden. With the range of design features available, you can take full advantage of the summer to enjoy the outdoors at your leisure.

Outdoor Glamping

Garden pods are extremely versatile buildings that can fulfil an impressive range of outdoor functions. Summer is a great time to go camping, so why not do it from the comfort of your own land? By investing in a garden pod, you have access to year-round glamping. We can install a range of utilities in your pod, including electricity, lighting and heating, so you don’t have to break the immersion by ducking back inside for vital amenities.

Our garden pods can be converted into a spare bedroom, so you can enjoy the outdoors in all its splendour. There’s no better time than summer to camp in your garden. With our custom-made garden pods, you can do it in style without sacrificing comfort or utility.

Garden Pod

Use It As An Outdoor Office

The summer benefits are undeniable, but what about the rest of the year? Thanks to the versatility of our bespoke pods, you can also use them as an office if you work from home. If you need a private space to focus, we can equip your pod with electricity and vital utilities to limit distractions that would tempt you at home. Kids, pets and cluttered spaces are all detrimental to maintaining your work ethic, so your summerhouse can be converted to a professional environment that keeps your mind clutter-free.

It can also function as a hobbyist’s haven, if you need space for gym equipment or crafting materials. If you have children, you can convert it to a safe den for them to play with their friends. While our pods are perfect for summer, they’re versatile enough to serve you throughout the entire year. You’re only limited by your imagination.

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